who & where we are

Our History
Rights Education And Development Centre (READ) is a Non Government Organizational established in the year 2001, with the objective to create a Society where every person has the Right to Life and Dignity. To bring sustainable change to the most marginalized communities in Tamil Nadu. Arundhatiars are considered to be Dalit among Dalits. Arundhatiars have suffered years of exploitation and cruel humiliation. They are oppressed socially and economically in many ways. There are 60 lakhs (6 million) Arundhatiars in Tamil Nadu, mostly residing in the western districts. READ is working hard to free the community from exploitation, poverty, child labour and many human rights violation that this community face every day.
By working at a community level, we ensure children have a quality education through our Child Activity Centers. Women are organized into federations and have possibility to save and avail loans at the time of requirement; otherwise they depend upon money lenders who charge huge rate of interest. We provide awareness to the community about importance of education which we believe would transform the community in the coming years.

Our Mission
To protect the fundamental rights of every person in the most marginalized communities; working specifically towards Quality Education to the children, Economic Development for the women and adults, and bring dignity and liberation for every individual.

Our Objectives

  • Ensure Quality Education for Children of most marginalized communities.
  • Completely eradicate Child Labour and Bonded Labour system.
  • Empower and Build Capacity of most marginalized communities Women.
  • Empower, Educate, Build Capacities and Create Opportunities for youth.
  • Eradicate inhuman practice – the manual scavenging.
  • Protect the Human Rights on Socio, Economic, Health and Education.
  • Conduct various researches, document, lobby and advocate for changes in the Policies that are affecting the most marginalized communities

Our Beneficiaries
We work in across Erode and Salem Districts of Western Tamil Nadu in India. In the past years, about 8000 children, 5000 families and 2000 women are benefited throughout various programmes. In the coming years we are aiming to reach out to many more families in the community investing in the lives of children, youth and women to change a generation.