Scholarship Beneficiary- case study

I am Amutha (18), I live in Erode distrist, Gobi Taluk, TN palayam’s Akarai Kodiveri village. There are more than 250 families living and the people in this village going to mill, company and daily wages.

My father name is late- Ayavu, he is an alcoholic; he used to work for daily wages but he used to give his earning to run the family. Daily he used to fight with my mother so my mother left my father’s house and went to grandparents’ house and our grandparents are very old, they have no strength to earn. My mother’s brother (Uncle) used to take care of us but suddenly he was attacked by TB. We are four daughters to our parents. We all four were staying with my mother at grandparents’ house and we were studying. Due to my uncle’s illness, I and my two sisters were going to nearby spinning mill after completion of my 8th std. I worked under Sumangali Scheme for 3 years and later after completion of scheme, I joined to another spinning mill.

In our village, READ organized various groups like; Adolescent Girls Group, Adolescent Boys Group, Community Support Group and Children’s Parliament. I was not the member of Adolescent Girls Group, but still they called me to their meetings and they told me about scholarship given to textile workers to continue their education. Later through discussing with Community Support Group and READ Coordinator, I got Scholarship Rs.5000 and now I joined to Thamu tutorial (distance education) Gobi. I completed my 8th std and studying 10th std in the same tutorial. Now I am working for part time and also studying along, with my earning also I am helping my family. I thank READ for supporting me and motivating me study.

Struggles are never ending but I learnt to move forward to over the struggles.