Scholarship Beneficiaries Case Study

I am Nandishwari. My father’s name is Velan and my mother’s name is Sendal, they are working as daily wagers. We are three daughters to our parents, I am the first daughter and I have two younger sisters; Malathi studying 10thstd, Hemalatha studying 8thstd and I am studying 11thstd.

As my parents are the bread winners of the family, they were unable to keep all three of us happy. In my parent’s daily wages, we can only have food for a day apart from that we could not save the money. For many occasions and functions we have been taken debts and even for many months we slipped paying debts so as I seeing all these situations, to help my family I used to garments to work and earn, which may help my family but this did not last for long time.

In my village READ working in the community by forming Adolescent Girls Group, Adolescent Boys Group, Community Support Group and Children’s Parliament and also conducting evening tuition centre. I and my sisters are members of Adolescent Girls Group and my mother is also a member of Community Support Group, we regularly attend all the meetings and training conducted by READ. Through these meeting and training, we realize the importance of education and in the meeting we got to know about READ providing scholarship to the students to continue their education. So I applied for the scholarship later after few days I received the scholarship of Rs.2000 to continue my education. So with the scholarship amount I joined for 12thstd.

I thank READ for supporting me to continue my studies and after completion of 12thstd I will further continue my higher education.

Adolescent Girls Group in our village is effectively working for our better futures. I thank READ for facilitating an opportunity to share our problems and find solutions among ourselves.