Scholarship Beneficiaries Case Study

I am Indumathi. I reside in Erode District, Sathyamangalam taluk’s DMGR Nagar. Our village always looks greenish. There are many caste people living here. There are 250 above Arunthathiyar families living here. There are 500 people. People above 40 years, working as farmers. People below 40 years mostly go for Mill works. Mill sends busses to our village. Transport facilities are very low. Because of this for treatments and shops, we are going across 7 km.

There are two members only in my house, me and my mother. When I was studying 9th standard my father passed away.  My sister got married, that time my father was alive. After my father’s death, my mother only took care of all our debts that we borrowed for my sister’s marriage. It is very hard to settle the debt in one person’s salary. So I am not able to continue my higher studies after my 12th standard.

For about 10 months, I went to garments company  to work. I worked as a helper in garments company. So I got minimal wages only. Then I went to Tripur baniyan Company for about 6 months. But I experienced head ache and fever attacking often. When I went to hospital, doctor told me not to go to company work. So I did not go for work. In this situation READ organization initiated their work in our village. I am a head of AGG in READ.

 I told my problems in Adolescent Girl Group. I got a scholarship of Rs.5000. From that money I joined diploma course of fashion technology in Sambooraniyammal Polytechnic College. In this situation after one year I got Rs.25, 000 from READ. I had bought 5 goats by using that amount. Easily goats get their food in our village. My mother also will buy some food for cattle. Every year

Revival loan help my family to rotate our family commitments. I thank READ for supporting my family

by selling one goat, I am paying my fees amount.  So I thank READ for supporting us in difficulty times.