Sangeetha Vocational Training

Ms.T.Sangeetha is a 16 year old girl from Sujalkarai. Sujalkarai is a tribal village which has 1000 people  in total. There are 400 families in that village. Major community is “Thottinayakar” and only few scheduled caste and scheduled tribes are there. There is only one Panchayat union middle school. Major occupation of that village is agriculture especially paddy and ragi.

                       sangeethaMs.T.Sangeetha’s father has not worked but he is a shepherd. He is an alcoholic. Her mother is having partial blindness. She is the breadwinner in her family. She is doing gardening in her village. Her elder sister was married and settled in somewhere. Her younger sister is studying 9th standard in nearby village. Her family’s monthly income is less than Rs.6000.

“Everyone in my village appreciated me because I am the only one who was well at my studies.”

                        Ms.Sangeetha finished her 10th standard in nearby villages. She scored 368 out of 500.Though her family income is very low, she was unable to continue her studies. So she went to Textiles which is located at Tirupur. She worked there for a month. She got Rs.250 as her salary per day.

“As far as I know my father has never gone to work. My mother is a visually challenged woman. So I had a responsibility to lead my family”

                     The project coordinator in that village suggested Ms.Sangeetha to join in tailoring course which is provided by READ. Now she is in her 3rd month of training at Regional resource centre which is under the control of READ. She is doing very well by the support of READ.