Revolving Fund

I am Soundarya, I live in kollumettu colony, Alukulli Panchayat, Gobi Taluk, Erode district. 270families living in our village. People in our village going to mill work, agriculture and daily wages.

My father name is Arumugam and my mother’s name is Kamaleshwari, they both are working as tailor at home itself.

When I was studying EEE, our family situation was very tough; we were not able to pay the rent for the house. My father was struggling though my  parents were running a tailoring shop but at that time tailoring work and orders were very less. So I thought of going to Garments Company and I started going. There in the garments company, I faced lots of problem and the environment did not left safe to me. But still to help my father I worked there for one and a half year.

In this situation, we got to know about the financial support READ providing. I applied for revolving fund and I got Rs.20000, with that amount we purchased a machine and took a shop to run a tailoring shop. My parents with their old machine, we shifted to the shop. I took two people for work. Now the business is running successfully. I am also paying wages for the two workers. My parents also applied for loan in a bank later loan was approved and we built a house. Our family is running smoothly, my sister and brother are studying well and even along with the business I also completed my studies. Now we are also paying the loan debts regularly.

I thank READ for supporting me and my family.  We are very thankful to READ, which changed our life.


Life thought us many things, READ gave us a chance to survivor and we used the opportunity to rebuilt our life.