Revolving Fund

I am Deepa. I live in Gandhi Nagar one of the Dalit village in Gobi block, Erode district. I am the last girl in the family.  My parents are functionally literate and working as agricultural labours.  My family is living under tiled house with support of my brother’s income.

I studied only till 10th standard. Later I started working in the spinning mill as a daily wager.  My father is an alcoholic, He spent 95% of the money for his alcoholic habit and he did not even give money to run the family.  Due to this critical situation my mother (Mrs. Ranguthai) started to do a role of bread winner in the family.  My brother Mahendran also had contributions to the family through lorry driving.  Even though, the income is not optimum to that family.  So I decided and continued spinning mill work under Sumangali scheme.  The family seriously faced economic problems at many times, in the time of festivals, illness, and house repairing work.  The family was debt to fulfill their needs and expenses.  Due to over debt, my brother was dropped out from the school and he was also joined in the mill as labor.

At one stage I was affecting menstrual pain, abdomen pain while working in the company and all the salary or earning money was spent for treatments. I and my family realized that we were spending more money for treatment than earning from the company.  Later we approached money lenders to meet medical expenses.

Current status: Moreover I and family members struggled very hardly to sustain their livelihood.  READ rendered Rs.20,000/- for income generation purpose after analysis of their socio-economic condition. My parent purchased two goats to rear and I stopped going to the mill work.

I and family members are developing goat rearing work happy. My health condition also recovered from illness and menstruation problems, after a month, my mother is planning to continue agricultural work, because it is allied to goat rearing and development.  The small amount supported to enhance dalit’s family livelihood through survivor loan benefits with support of READ organization, Sathyamangalam, Erode district.

Revolving Fund is enhancing our economic status through income generation activities. Thanks to READ for helping us