Revival Loan Beneficiaries Success Case stories

I am Radha. I live in Bank colony, periya kodiveri village, Gopichettipalayam village, Erode district. In our village there are 75 families are living. The women, men, children are more than 170people live in this village These people are mostly working in mill, company and daily wages and their economic condition of this people are low.

I studied till 9th standard then I did not continue my education, I dropped-out and I went to garments company because of family situation. For the reason of family situation so I am went to company works. Due to garments company work I faced health issues so I left the company.

My husband’s name is Sathya Raj, 30 years. Our is an arranged marriage. We have two children; my son Kavin raj, he is studying in 6th std and my daughter Vaishnavi, she is in 1st std. After children grew up, I again started going to company but due to heavy workload I could not work for long hours by standing. So after few months I stopped working in the company.

In our village READ conducting evening tuition and working in many groups like Adolescent Girl Group, Adolescent Boys Group, Community Support Group and Children’s Parliament. I am not the member of Community Support Group but the Community Support Group members know my problem and they suggested me to get financial loan from READ. Later I asked READ for financial support and I lot Rs.10,000.

With the amount, I bought a new tailoring machine. Now I am working at home and daily I earn nearly Rs.250. Now my health condition is good and my family also happy. I thank READ for supporting me to become self-employed.

 My earning is very much helping to run my family. During special occasions I am getting much more money than usual, which is also profitable to me. All thanks to READ.