R. Geetha, Scholarship

Geetha is from a village called Mangalapuram situated 12kms far from Sathyamangalam. Mangalapuram has around 300 people where 170 people belong to Scheduled caste and 50 are Gownder. Their major occupation is Coolie, agriculture mainly banana turmeric, sugarcane and rice. The majority of the village is X, XI graduates. Adolescents are mostly sent to mills and are dropped out of school. The village people get water, weekly once and children goes to school which is 1km from the village. The hospital is 2km from the village. There are 2 Adolescent girls groups and 1 Community support group in the village, run by READ.

geethaGeetha is living with her father, Mr. Ramasamy and her grandmother in Mangalapuram where her mother Mrs. Sagunthala and her younger brother Sivakumar is living in Makkinankombai in a house provided by the field owner.

“My grandmother and mother fought much and so my mother left the house and staying in the nearby village”

Scholarship recipient, Ms. Geetha(17) Mr. Ramasamy is a coolie and occasionally drinks, currently working in mill as a load-man. Mrs. Sagunthala underwent a uterus surgery in August, 2016 and so is not working and has studied upto VIII. Sivakumar, Geetha’s younger brother is doing VIII in Makkinankombai Government High School; he is a talented boy who is a good orator, yet is partially deaf.

Geetha completed her X in Makkinankombai Government High School with a good score of 415/500, school second topper. As she went to the CRC regularly, READ knew about her ability very well and they insisted in joining her in a private school. Read’s Project coordinator Mr.Palanisamy took an initiative step in talking with Kumarasamy Gownder Matriculation Higher Secondary School’s administration and reduced the fee amount from Rs. 21,000 to Rs. 8000 per year that too paid through READ’s Scholarship amount.

“Through READ’s support I’m doing my higher studies with hope. Every one told me to go to mill for work but now I’m pursuing my dreams”

Scholarship recipient, Ms. Geetha(17) The family feels happy that her elder daughter is doing her higher education in a big school. Geetha is currently doing her XI, Biology group in Kumarasamy Gownder Matriculation Higher Secondary School and also feels happy to be known as the topper in the overall village. Geetha has good friends who compete with her in academics. She has aimed to score more than 1100/1200 in XII. Geetha wants to become a Nurse.