Provident fund – a poor girl

Ms.S.Chitra is a 19 year old girl from Mangalapuram. Mangalapuram is a village which has 300 people in total.Main occupation of that village is Agriculture. Mostly the people in the village used to go to gardening daily. 170people belong to scheduled caste arundhadhiyar and other belongs to gounder community.chitra

Her father Mr.Subramani and mother Mrs.Saratha are daily wages. It is a nuclear family. She had a younger brother. He was a physically challenged person who died three years ago due to some illness.

“I love my brother very much. I lost my interest in studies because he is not with me anymore.”

Now her father and mother are only workers in her family. Her family monthly income is Rs.6000.

After the death of her brother she lost her interest in studies. So she discontinued her studies in 9th standard and went to  mill  for work. She worked for one and half years in that mill, then took a break for one year and again she went to mill and worked for nine months. She didn’t get her Provident fund for nine month work even after one year.

 The motivator of READ helped her to get P.F and they helped her to join 10th standard in a tutorial center, Sathyamangalam.

 “Now my family is very much grateful to READ as they helped me to get P.F amount in short time.”