N.Jothi, School drop-out

N.Jothi, School drop-out


Jothi is from a village called Mangalapuram situated 12kms far from Sathyamangalam. Mangalapuram has around 300 people where 170 people belong to Scheduled caste. Their major occupation is Coolie, agriculture mainly banana turmeric, sugarcane and rice. The majority of the village is X, XI graduates. Adolescents are mostly sent to mills and are dropped out of school. The village people get water, weekly once and children goes to school which is 1km from the village. The hospital is 2km from the village. There are 2 Adolescent girls groups and 1 Community support group in the village, run by READ.

Jothi is from a nuclear family. Her father Mr. Nagaraj and her mother Mrs. Selvi are coolie workers, she has one elder sister who got married and has a son. Jothi’s sister was under Sumangali scheme and has studied upto X std. Jothi’s younger sister; Prema is doing her XII nursing group, at present. Mr. Nagaraj earns Rs. 2000/week and occasionally drinks. Because of the economic status, there continues to be fight between Jothi’s father and mother.

 Jothi is an 18yr old girl who lost interest in education as she failed in commerce and economics in her XII exams. Due to her lack of concentration in studies, she was caught up in a personal affair. She stayed home for one and half years.

“I lost my interest in studies, as I was distracted”

Former School drop-out, N.Jothi (18) Jothi was already introduced to READ’s CRC which was previously known as child knowledge centre. She was the President of children parliament in 2014, but when she dropped out from school, she couldn’t take part in the parliament. The motivator in the community came forward to talk to the organization about Jothi’s schooling and support her education through READ. Now Jothi is doing her XII tutorial classes on the two subjects in Sathyamangalam AEC tutorial school. She goes to school on Thursday, Friday and works in Sunrise garments, Kolapur in the remaining 4 days as a helper and does overlock when needed.

“I will definitely continue my studies and bring up the family name”

Former School drop-out, N.Jothi (18) Jothi is now confident enough to finish her school and continue her higher education. She is giving hope to many school dropouts to continue their education again. Her family is so happy that her daughter is continuing her education again.