Mrs. Mangli, Provident Fund

Mrs.Mangli is from Pasupanapuram where around 250 families reside. Only around 6 in the village are professionally qualified to work as Engineers, Teachers etc., Many who are educated are still working in Garments and mills due to lack of job opportunities. People mostly in the village are working in Tirupur, Coimbatore etc., as coolie, or in catering services. Limited facilities are available in the village, no teachers in schools and no transport facilities for school students.  People are increasingly building toilets in their  houses due to awareness given to them.

manMrs.Mangli’s husband Thimayan is 49yr old, working in construction, welding annotations for 10years in Coimbatore for Rs. 400/ day. Her Elder son has finished BBA and is married and is working as a bus conductor. He now has a son. Mrs.Mangli’s younger son, Johnson has finished M.A History and is 23year old and wants to do his higher studies.

Mrs.Mangli is a 45yr old woman who worked in Akshara Garments, Erangtur for 3 years. She also has faced many health issues while working.

“I worked in order to make my children study”

 Former mill worker, Mrs. Mangli (18) Due to the difficulties in transportation from Pasupanapuram to Erangatur, the garments stopped sending vehicles to pick the workers and therefore stopped them from work.  But when they asked about the Provident fund, they dragged them much and didn’t provide PF even after a year.

“I, along with 23 members from the village regularly went to mill to ask about the PF. But every time, they sent us back without any reply”

Former mill worker, Mrs. Mangli (18) After a year, Mangli came to know about READ while they came to their village. She along with 23 others filed a complaint against the factory to provide them with PF and bonus with the help of READ. Now as they gave a complaint to Collector Office, Erode, They now received an acknowledgement card from the P.F office and are expected to receive the PF and Bonus which would be around Rs.7000 in few days. Mrs. Mangli is grateful to READ as she mentioned that she lost hope that she would get PF but READ took steps to help her get PF.