Life after drop out- Towards her dream


Ms.P.Indu mathi,14 year old girl from Sengottai nagar. Sengottai nagar belongs to Erode district and Gobi region. There are more than 100 homes. Arundhadhiyar are major community in that village. People in the village used to go to mill work, company work or daily wages.

She is from a nuclear family which has 4 members. Her father and mother are going to construction work. Her elder sister is studying 12th standard. Ms.Indu mathi finished her 8th standard in Kullampalayam government middle school.She started her 9th standard , but she discontinued her studies with in 1 month.

“Because my teacher and fellow students bullied me, I discontinued my studies and went to mill for work.”

Her father and mother forced her to continue her studies. So she attempted suicide. As she attempted suicide they never spoke about school. Then she went to a company in nearby village with her friend.

“Because I went to company, I got many physical problems like irregular periods and etc.”

She shared her problem with the cluster coordinator of READ who is working for the adult girls and for children in that village. The coordinator of READ gave her life skill training and counseling. It motivated her to continue her studies. Now Ms.Indu mathi is studying her 9th standard in Polavakkalipalayam government school by the help of READ.

“My dream is to complete my degree and become a teacher in that same school where I was bullied.”